Silkwave – New Single, Fingers on the Key

It is hard to believe that it has been three whole years since I reviewed the self-titled EP from Edinburgh indie band Motion.  In the years since they have gigged extensively, sharing a bill with bands such as Neon Waltz, Vistas and Rascalton.

After taking a short break the band have relaunched themselves under a new name, Silkwave.  Their first single under their new moniker, Fingers on the Key, was released last month.

Coming in at just under three minutes it is a solid reintroduction to the group’s talents. This band  are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves and here we have elements of The Vaccines mixed in with touches of The Stone Roses.  It makes for an enticing mix and is a song that screams out to be heard live.   Let’s all hope that is sooner rather than later.

You can hear Fingers on the Key here.

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Man of Moon – Strangers

Strangers, the new single from Edinburgh duo Man of Moon is like the best firework in the box, the one you save until last before setting it off. It starts with a bang and never lets up as brief moments of calm are followed by ever more intense splashes of aural effervescence.

There’s a lot packed in to this four-minute psychedelic rocker. Even cow bells make an surprise but inspired appearance. It’s a track that should be played loud then played again  even louder. The bands album Dark Sea comes out in September and if this track is anything to go by it’s going to be seriously good.

Man of Moon, like so many working bands just now have recently had to reschedule their tour dates. The good news is tickets are on sale and are available here.

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Man of Moon are Chris Bainbridge and Mikey Reid.


honeychain – Pocket Full of Good Luck

It’s been three years since honeychain released their debut album Crushed. Produced by the late Kim Shattuck, its explosive opening track, Bombs Away, set the tone for what proved to be thirty-three minutes of exhilarating power pop.

Now they are back with their latest offering Pocket Full of Good Luck and it’s good to find that this is not the sound of a band standing still.  The  punk pop sensibilities that made Crushed so accessible are still present, especially on the album’s second track Go Away. However, the guitar sound is now dirtier, the lyrics slightly edgier and the pace of the whole album much more considered than its predecessor.

With Spaceman, honeychain have yet again set things up with a cracker.  Band leader Hillary Burton’s slightly distorted vocal adds perfectly to the feeling of displacement engendered by the song.

Alt-rocker Flee Los Angeles is a real highlight, the grungy guitar sound the perfect backdrop for the love/hate lyrics.  The title track, Pocket Full of Good Luck,  is a fast and furious adrenalin rush, positively dripping with attitude. Its two glorious minutes of brash punk rock is sure to leave you breathless and wanting more.

Chemtrails is a jangly classic, the one minute long outro lifting it to another level. The acoustic Late Night Movie Show, brings things to a wistful conclusion and is sure to stay in your head long after the last notes have faded away.

There is much to love about this album, with echoes of The Muffs, Blondie, Teenage Fanclub, L7 and Nirvana present. It all blends perfectly together to give honeychain a distinctive sound. Pocket Full of Good Luck, for me, is one of the best releases of the year so far.

Honeychain are: –

Hillary Burton – Guitar, Vocals and Effortless Cool

Andre Tusques – Bass and backing vocals

Loye Aubrey Jnr – Drums

For info click visit the bands website at

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Photo of Hillary Burton by Steve Rood.


Lucy May Walker – Bad Day

Released at the beginning of June, Bad Day is the new five track EP from London based singer-songwriter Lucy May Walker.

If a revenge song can rightly be described as joyous then the country flavoured title track certainly qualifies. It is nearly impossible not to smile as the singer lays out her wish list of minor mishaps for the target of her ire to endure. The singalong chorus is a delight, ensuring things move seamlessly towards what proves to be a surprisingly emotional sign off.

The mood changes on You Say You’ve Moved On. It’s a thoughtful and moving track delivered in Lucy May Walker’s more familiar folk-pop style. Happy for You and Gold showcase just how endearing her voice is. There is never any doubt that these songs are inspired by personal experience, the words skilfully capturing the frequently bittersweet moments of everyday life.

Inspired by visits to festival time Edinburgh, Home from Home is a heartfelt tribute to that city. Beautifully driven by piano, the songs sense of place is sure to strike a chord with anybody who have found their own home from home, wherever that may be.

Bad Day is a sure step forward from Lucy May Walker, do  try and catch her live when we eventually return to some sort of normality.

To find out more visit the artists website HERE.

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Amy Duncan – The Hidden World

On her previous six albums  Amy Duncan set a consistently high standard.  We know to expect glorious vocals, smart lyrics and first-class musicianship.  On latest release, The Hidden World, we have all that and more.

The title track kicks things off and it sets the scene perfectly for the song cycle that follows. There is a distinctly dream like feel to the song as it contemplates the way barriers, put up to protect ourselves, end up restricting our horizons. It’s a constant theme throughout the album, the prescience hard to ignore as we contemplate the current lock-down period and beyond.

Next up is Labyrinth.  It’s description of tantalising opportunities, briefly glimpsed and rarely grabbed is totally captivating. It is worth noting that Labyrinth is one of three tracks from the album which have had video releases.  Created by animator Tracy Foster they provide a wonderful visual accompaniment to Amy Duncan’s voice.

It would be almost unfair to single out one track as a highlight. Medusa, A Forest and the haunting Butterfly are all songs that will linger long in the mind. The album closer, Make it Good provides a fittingly hopeful finale to what is a decidedly uplifting and beautiful  album.

The Hidden World is an album to be listened to from start to finish. There really is no filler here, the synergy of this collection testament to the care that has been taken putting the songs together.

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Bokka – Roll Down the Hill

Released back in March, Run Down the Hill is a five track EP from Polish dream pop purveyors Bokka. Made up of five tracks, three of them cover versions, it finds the band at their most playful.

Formed in 2013, Bokka found early success with their first single, Town of Strangers.  Taken from their eponymous debut album it enabled the band to quickly establish themselves on the Polish music scene and garnered attention from further afield.  Right from the start Bokka insisted on keeping the names of the band members secret and let the music speak for itself. , It is a decision that makes their live performances all the more more intriguing as the group take to the stage in disguise. Bokka have since recorded two further albums, both well worth seeking out.

The opening track here  is a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s version of 1966 song Bang Bang.  It’s a wonderfully atmospheric take on one of the poppiest murder ballads ever released.

Next up is a cover of Joy Division’s all-time classic Love will Tear us Apart. When approaching a cover version it can be all too easy to compare it to the definitive original version and ask ‘Why?’  It’s much more fun though to go in with an open mind and say ‘’Why not?   The band have performed the song several times live and once you listen to their take on the song it’s easy to understand why their fans were clamouring for them to release a studio version.

The final two tracks are rearrangements of the band’s own songs. Too Far Too Close is taken from 2015 release Don’t Kiss and Tell whilst 2018’s Life on Planet B was the original home for Take my Hand. Both songs have been given a harder edge to the point where it is tempting to say that the band have effectively given us cover versions of their own songs.

If you aren’t familiar with Bokka then Roll down the Hill serves as a useful introduction and will hopefully have you giving their albums a whirl. This is the sound of a band having  great fun messing around with some songs they obviously have a great deal of affection for and certainly worthy of adding to your collection.

Roll Down the Hill is available on all the usual platforms, find out more by clicking here.

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Locked Hands – The Getting By

The rather splendid new single from Locked Hands, The Getting By, is one of those   tracks that seems to resonate with the strange times we are living in right now.

Reminiscent of Bowie at his most contemplative, the plaintive vocal tells of the cruel torment that anxiety can cause. As the song develops the atmospheric musical backdrop cleverly mimics the lyrics as the initial onset of anxiety develops from a trickle in to an overwhelming flood.

The Getting By is both beautiful and haunting. You certainly won’t be filing it under easy listening. However as lock down fears give way to moments of anxiety for many of us, whether brief or sustained, it’s a comfort to know that you are not facing them alone. This song is the musical arm around the shoulder that we all need occasionally.

The Getting By has been released by Errant Media and is available on soundcloud and all the usual streaming services.

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The Nickajack Men – Consistent Ignorance


Consistent Ignorance is the new song from Falkirk’s The Nickajack Men.  Filmed and recorded live at Stirling’s Tolbooth Studio it’s a welcome respite from yet another lockdown Friday.

Running at just under four minutes this is  a glorious piece of indie rock which, not content with hooking you in instantly, improves with every repeat listening.  There is also a wonderful moment near the start of the video when the band appear lined up,  It’s sure to raise a smile.

Whilst you can detect the sounds of bands such as The Only Ones and The Replacement bluesed up with the Rolling Stones in their DNA the Nickajack Men have managed to carve out a distinctive sound for themselves. Hopefully we do not have to wait too long for a full album to appear.

You can check out the song on Tolbooth Projection’s youtube channel HERE.  It’s well worth subscribing whilst you are there as well.

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Good Dog – Floating / Bumblebee

Released yesterday on Lost Map records, Floating / Bumblebee is the new double A side single from Good Dog, the alter ego of Pictish Trail   band member Susan Bear.

If this lock-down period has you yearning for something different to lift the mood then forget the wine sozzled purchases from Amazon and treat yourself to these two slices of delightful Indie Pop.

Floating has it all, glorious vocals and a musical backdrop which rewards you more with every listen. The instrumental Bumblebee more than lives up to its double A side status as it takes you on a sonic journey you will not want to end.

These tracks serve as a taster to the album Creature, due out on May 22nd. Mark that down in your diary, we should be in for a real treat.

You can buy this Double A side buy  on bandcamp HERE

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Floating / Bumblebee is available on the usual streaming services.

Fistymuffs – We Fight

About Time, the 2018 debut EP from Fistymuffs, was so full of energy it practically vibrated. It’s good to find that during the intervening period none of that initial fire has dimmed.

We Fight contains another  four fine songs from the band.  Whilst still providing some of the rawest post punk moments you will hear, there is more subtlety at work here  with songs heading off in directions you don’t quite expect.

Opener Hey You! is a straight out Riot Grrl call to arms.  There is no intro, all niceties are dispensed with as the band drag you straight in to their world.  Singer Ashley Stein will have you feeling like you are being dragged into a vortex with her insistent ‘Listen to me’ refrain. It’s more than slightly unsettling and  compulsive listening.

Next up is Gentrification of Leith, a song inspired by the Save Leith Walk campaign, launched after property developers submitted plans to demolish a row of sandstone buildings including the much loved music venue Leith Depot. This may be a protest song but the band don’t resort to mere  preaching here, rather they deliver their message against a pleasingly trippy musical backdrop.

Riots Not Diets puts the diet industry firmly in the band’s sights and they continually hit the target. The constant change of pace is inspired as the track veers from anger to frustration and back with visits to several points in between.

The final track Survivors Write History (there is also a Radio Edit version present) is the most melodic song on the EP and packs the biggest emotional punch. It’s possibly unfair to single out a highlight when each song is so strong but for me, this was it, an absolute triumph.

We Fight showcases a band who hold nothing back. Please check them out on bandcamp where you can buy the EP and some rather wonderful merchandise as well.  And if you are new to the band you should definitely check out previous EP,  About Time.

Fistymuffs are Ashley Stein on Vocals and Bass, Suky Goodfellow on Guitar and Vocals and Nikki Fox on Drums.

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