Lou McLean – Locked Down in Leith

Due to be released on the 8th of March, Locked Down in Leith is the new five track EP from Edinburgh singer-songwriter Lou McLean.  A record of her own experience of lockdown, it is sure to  resonate with all those dealing with the loss of so many of life’s certainties whilst yearning for a return to normality.

Opening song Goodbye sums up the feelings of helplessness and vulnerability so many of us have felt as the events of the past year unfolded before us. Lou McLean’s clever lyrics ensure that this is no mere gloom- fest though.  You can only smile as she asks, ‘Can I turn this crisis in to a banging song?’ (The answer, by the way,  is an emphatic yes.)

Adventures in Vulnerability contains one of the most heartbreakingly honest opening verses you are likely to hear this year or any other year. In just a few short lines the long-term damage caused by a past traumatic event is laid bare. The sparse arrangement and Lou Mclean’s tender vocals capture the  raw emotion of the lyrics perfectly.

The World is on Fire provides a wonderfully wistful few minutes as the singer contemplates past relationships with others and herself. It’s a lovely wee reminder of the importance of dealing with the self-doubt that hits us all occasionally.

Let’s Dance flows from the speakers like a soothing balm. Lou McLean’s vocals make for a comfortingly warm listen here. The wit in her lyrics is never too far from the surface of this one either.

What we all want from this lock down is a happy ending and that is exactly what Lou Mclean gives us with the final track , Glam Bam. Those carefree days in a new relationship when ‘the rules don’t apply when it feels right’ are relayed perfectly. It is an uplifting note to end on.

Locked Down in Leith sees Lou Mclean build on the firm foundations of her 2017 collection, Good Morning Easter Road.   This feels like a real step forward.  Let’s hope that there is a full album to come in the not too distant future.

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Rosie Nimmo -Where Time Suspends

Due to be released on Friday 5th February, Where Time Suspends is the new album from Edinburgh singer -songwriter Rosie Nimmo. A wonderfully laid-back collection, the eclectic mixture of jazz-tinged blues and Joni Mitchell style folk musings provides a much needed counter to the current bleak climate.

Opening track Laugh is a lovely introduction to Rosie Nimmo’s craft as her never less than engaging voice reminds us of the joy to be gained from everyday connections.  There’s a real singalong feel to this song which should have even the dourest among us finding a wee smile appearing on their face.

Rosie Nimmo’s lyrics are often deceptively simple.  The sparse arrangement on Heaven, a lament for the loss of a childhood pet, provides the perfect backdrop to a song that says a so much about the hardship of grief.  The nursery rhyme style opening lyrics on the ostensibly more upbeat Oops a Daisy soon give way to a witty and thoughtful reflection on the nature of relationships.

Possibly the biggest insight to where Rosie Nimmo is coming from is to be found on one of the albums highlights, Small Child. It is rather refreshing to hear another adult admit that deep down we are still driven by the child we used to be……or still are.

Could Have Been was inspired by an inscription found inside a poetry book. Everything comes together perfectly here, from the sparse playing to the gorgeous vocals and touching lyrics. It’s a wonderful song and no surprise that it was released as a single.

Where Time Suspends is an emotionally rich album, rendered uniquely beautiful by the delivery of the subtle and profound lyrics in the artists  warm yet uncluttered manner. It will be so good to hear these songs played live when that is possible again.

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