Ellyn Oliver – Ring the Bells

We really are spoiled for choice when it comes to music at Christmas.  Whether it is evergreen standards from the likes of Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole, the seventies classics from Slade and Wizard or some of the cheesy festive hits of the eighties you are sure to find yourself singing along to a yuletide song at some point.

Personally, I love a Christmas Carol. The sound of small children singing Away in a Manger will inevitably leave me damp eyed. Community carol singing ignites strong memories of long-gone school concerts and the air of excitement that always surrounded them. When delivered in a soulful, bluesy voice as Ellyn Oliver does on her new three track EP, Ring the Bells, they provide the perfect seasonal accompaniment.

Ring the Bells is made up of two original compositions and one cover. Magnify, the opening track, is three and a half minutes of joyously melodic exuberance. It is utterly irresistible

Next up is the title track, Ring the Bells.  There’s a timeless feel to this song as the singer delivers a wonderfully laid-back performance. Its jazz with a Scottish accent vibe is warm, comforting and uplifting.

O Holy Night is given a totally stripped back treatment with just voice and piano present.   It is not easy bringing something new to such a familiar song but Ellyn Oliver more than succeeds here.

If Christmas spirit is made up of joy, generosity and hope along with moments of anticipation and reflection then Ellyn Oliver has captured it all for us in just three songs.  Give yourself a treat and add them to your festive playlist.

You can buy Ring the Bells by visiting Ellyn Oliver’s website HERE.

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