Yvonne Lyon – Growing Wild

Released on the 6th of November, Growing Wild is the new album from Yvonne Lyon. The twelve songs on this perfectly balanced collection were apparently all written before coronavirus began to take its horrible toll on all aspects of our lives yet Growing Wild’s message of hope could not appear more apt.

The track listing is inspired as the album gently ebbs and flows from beginning to end, letting the listener drift gently towards a more hopeful place.

Things get started with recent single Winter Ground.  It’s an excellent taster for what is to follow, extremely well-crafted songs, superb playing and Yvonne Lyon’s irresistible voice.

There are so many highlights here it’s hard to know where to start. The title track and Insignificant as Stars complete an impressive opening trio.  The bar, having been set high, is never lowered.

The middle section of the album contains two absolute gems, Enough and Illuminate. The latter provides one of the most uplifting moments of the whole album, Lyon’s vocal conjuring up a truly vivid sense of bright light.  It is simply beautiful.

The poetic We Accumulate the Years brings proceedings to an atmospheric conclusion. It will leave you reflecting on all that you have heard before pressing play and listening again.

Growing Wild is a wonderfully mature gift of an album. Doubts and fears are shared yet there is always a comforting arm around the shoulder and you are left with the overriding feeling that not only is joy possible, it is just around the corner.  Don’t take my word for it though, take a listen yourself. You will not be disappointed.

To buy Growing Wild visit yvonnelyonmusic.com

Or buy and download from BandCamp

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