Refloating The Boat

I was going to start this by saying that a few months ago I decided to take a short break from the Barley Boat.  I am not so sure nearly eighteen months counts as a few though, so I ditched that. They say time passes quicker as you age.  Well given that I am now older than Methuselah’s Nan it is  whizzing by me at a fair rate of knots and that is as close to an excuse as I can come up with. 

Up until a few months ago my intention had been to leave things dormant for a while longer then sink the boat completely.  Then this bloody virus happened and it was time to rethink everything.

So, for better or worse it is back.  Hopefully I can provide a little bit of encouragement to bands and singers out there at a difficult time, and help to shine a light on some wonderful music.

If you are playing online gigs please let me know so I can help spread the word. Genre or where you are based does not matter, absolutely anything goes on the Barley Boat.

If you have heard some amazing stuff and want to write a review yourself then please get in touch and we could possibly find a home for it on the Barley Boat.  How about an article on a band/gig/album that has made a huge impression on you>

Please help spread the word far and wide and please contact me on




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